Tim Turpen offers golf lessons to all ages and skill levels. Tim has played competitive tournament golf for the last 20 years and has become an accomplished player and teacher. After earning a scholarship to the University of Tennessee and winning on the collegiate level he has won 23 professional tournaments while playing in South Florida as well as playing tournaments all over the United States and Canada.

These experiences have helped Tim learn that playing golf involves much more than just learning a golf swing. He looks at each golfer as an individual rather than copying a textbook image. Stressing the importance of course management, short game preparation, course management and mental approach his goal is helping students lower their scores. No matter what your skill level Tim can help you PLAY YOUR BEST!

For the younger player Tim has special insight on what is needed to advance a studentís game to the collegiate level and beyond. This includes how to get noticed by college coaches and have the best chances for scholarships.